Behind the Scenes

“To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the two years since we started down the road to making Back in Time a reality, the whole crew truly has had the distinct fortune to realize our journey as the destination. Projects like this one become their own reward in ways you can’t anticipate when you conceive of them, and they take on a life independent of—and greater than—the one you imagined they might. We started simple, with the machine: the DeLorean, yet where we find ourselves today is somewhere far, far further than we ever expected, and we’re not finished yet. Take a look at some of our travels…

London Film and Comicon

Back in Time makes its way across the pond to London. Join the crew as we speak about our documentary from the massive Superstage right before the Back to the Future cast reunion.

San Diego Comincon

The Back in Time crew are joined by legendary cinematographer Dean Cundey to talk BTTF and Back in Time. Check out these highlights form the biggest stage on earth.

Boston and LA in 48 Hours

Back in Time is back on the road to interview Carl from Terrafugia, Frank Price and the Flux Capacitors. Coast-to-Coast in 48 hours, all shot on an iPhone.


Back in Time’s first panel appearance at Wondercon 2015. Join Jason Aron, Louis Krubich and Lee Leshen as they talk the making of Back in Time.

LA to the Max

Our biggest most eventful behind the scenes video ever. check out as we meet Robert Zemeckis, Dan Harmon, Alan Silvestri, go to Universal Studios, fly helicopters with Rakoon Martin, and play some mini golf at Golfcon with Adam Kontras. woahhhhh!

Strickland – Slacker!

What’s a Back to the Future documentary without a trip up to Lake placid to interview Mr. Strickland aka the one and only James Tolkan.

LA Legends

We head to LA to interview Lea Thompson, Dean Cundey, Joe Walser and Rob Klein. Then its off to Universal Studios to see the BTTF Hero Delorean and a visit to the clock tower.


Back in Time interviews the great Michael J Fox. ‘Nuff said.

Hoverboards and More!

Back in Time invades the San Fransisco Bay area. We travel to 32Ten Studios, former home of ILM to interview Jeffrey Weissman and Mike Smith and then its up to Hendo Hoverboard to ride on the world’s first hoverboard.

The Great Doc Brown

Back in Time catches up with Christopher Lloyd in Santa Barbara. Its the doc!!!

Making a Poster

The official photo shoot for our new movie poster – behind the scenes in Massachusetts.

So You Rode a Hoverboard

Behind the scenes shooting with The Goldbergs as they make their hoverboard episode.

The Sheas

Back in Time goes to Massachusetts to see some amazing props & people. We interview Andrew Probert, production illustrator from Back to the Future and meet the screen used pickup truck from BTTF 2&3.


The Back in Time crew heads to Dayton Ohio to check out over 300 Deloreans at the Delorean Car Show 2014.

Santa Monica

On the road in Santa Monica with Bob Gale, Donald Fullilove, Joe Walser, and the TMR team.

Making it Work

Catching up with Kevin Pike as he talks about the opening scene of Back to the Future

Our First LA Trip

Join the crew of Back in Time as we head to LA to visit the set of The Goldbergs. We interview some fans with great stories and then head to Armani Wells to interview Jennifer Parker aka Claudia Wells.

Opening Night

The Back in Time journey begins in LA and Las Vegas as we visit the oldest saloon in Clark County, NV and visit the Sony Pictures Studios lot.

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