Jason Aron - Director

An avid filmmaker for the past decade, Jason has been heavily involved in professional sports filmmaking for much of his career. He has interviewed and worked alongside personalities from all corners of the industry—star athletes, team owners, pundits, analysts, and more. In addition to this heavy focus on documentary filmmaking, Jason has an extensive background in directing commercials for a wide range of companies. Jason’s passion for the medium can be traced way Back in Time, to when he made a line-by-line tape recording of a certain iconic film. He’s the original driving force behind this film project, and his commitment to the integrity of the documentary’s material is second to none.

Louis Krubich - Executive Producer

A production company veteran with a long resume headlined by an extensive stint at MTV Networks, Louis leveraged his extensive knowledge of the industry into success as one of the principals at Hoboken-based Malka Media Group, a 2011 startup. His production work at MMG routinely brings him into contact with diverse clientele. Louis has worked with star clients including Adam Sandler, Michael Cera, Cameron Diaz, and Tom Cruise; as well as with major brands, corporations, charities and educational entities such as Ray-Ban, ESPN, the Embrace Kids Foundation, and New York University. Louis’s Viacom past includes work creating impactful promotional content for major film releases—an experience he intends to rely on to ensure the release of Back in Time is everything it can be.

Lee Leshen - Producer

Lee got his start in the industry doing finance and marketing work at Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company. Having cut his teeth with these major players, he founded Patchwork Media in the mid-00’s. A facilitator at heart, Lee brings a vast array of experience in developing mutually beneficial arrangements to the table. His company’s focus on finding ways for branded entertainment and media outlets to benefit from forging partnerships (and admittedly massive BttF fanboy status) paved the way for Lee signing on with Patchwork Media to serve as a production company for Back in Time. A problem-solver with an unconventional outlook, Lee’s input has proven invaluable to the project ever since, and his marketing experience is about to be put to seriously good use.

Adam F. Goldberg - Co-Executive Producer

Adam is a producer/writer best known for his television work. He created and ran the hijinks-heavy Breaking In for two seasons on Fox, then followed up with The Goldbergs, the critically-acclaimed comedy not-so-loosely based on his own experiences growing up which once had an amusing, if less-than-clean, working title. With the series set to enter its third season in 2015, Adam is busy working non-stop on multiple new projects, including Back in Time. Adam’s extensive resume includes screenplay credits for Fanboys, The Jetsons, Aliens in the Attic, The Muppet Wizard of Oz, and How to Train Your Dragon, as well as the upcoming films Flat Stanley and The Berenstain Bears. In addition to being the force behind two comedy series success stories, Adam has written for many other TV shows, including Community, Aliens in America, and Voltron Force.

Gregory Lassik - Cinematographer

Gregory is the owner/operator of two production companies: Spark + Boom, and Endless Wave Studios. He brings extensive experience with documentary and commercial filming to the project, along with an incredible heart. Gregory’s attention to always doing the right thing locks right in with his desire to, well, blow things up. His vision is influenced by this purity of purpose and he thrives on creating modern, electric cinema. His dedication to capturing the essence of the cultural phenomenon that BttF has become is expressed through what’s at the center of the Back in Time project: the raw footage we shoot.

Mitchell Hooper - Cinematographer

Derek Brown - Cinematographer

Full Crew

Executive Producers
Jason Aron
Akrum Sheikh
Ronald Ferguson

Produced By
Malka Media Group
Patchwork Media
Jason Aron Media

James Messina
Jean-Marc Tramoni
Kevan Peterson

Senior Associate Producers
Michael S. Click
Jason Meyer
Marco Pasqua

Associate Producers
Jessica Babila
Jeffrey D. Burson
Edward Chiu
Stephen Clark
Satvinder S. Dullat
Eric Garza
Ben Goretsky
Rocko Gottesman
John Einar Hagen
Marilee Hodge
Matthew Honovic
Robert Hornak
Tom Meyer-Klipsch
Paul K. Reinhart
Craig Resta
Carlos Roldan Jr.
Bill Shea
Sean Tiedeman
Matthew Philip Wee
Neil Wilson

Director of Photography
Jason Aron

Mitchell Hooper
Greg Lassik
Derek Brown
Jay Lafayette
Mark Cambria

Aerial Cinematography
Dexter Kennedy

Edited by
Thomas Griffin

Trailer Editor
Jeff Yorkes

Original Score
Gregory Johnson

Irving Harvey

3D Graphics
Pete Maric

Post Production Sound Services
Mission Post
Supervising Sound Editor
Jesse Pomeroy
Paul Stanley
Re-recording Mixer
Andy Hay

Mixed at D-Spot Post, Burbank

Photo Animation
Jordan Stone
Mike Mahon
Mark Cambria
Dani Bautista
Malka Media Group

Additional Camera Operators
Ben Carey
Ari Schaefer
AJ Abucay

Sam Rosenthal
Mario Colli
Karl Coleman

London Footage
Robert McGowan
Marcus Samperi

Additional B-Roll
Mathew Lenz
Ryan Chann

Additional Music
Allen Calmes
Aryeh Kunstler

Marissa Lafayette
Vesta Goodarz

Mathew Reuther

Michael Duval

Production Assistant
Jordan Rosengarten

Distribution Advisor
Submarine Entertainment

Vicki Cherkas

Time Machine Restoration Team
Joe Walser
Terry Matalas
Joe Kovacs
Mark Dehlinger
Ken Kapalowski
Sean Bishop
Scott Miller
Rob Klein
Ara Kourchians
Nathan Clark
Arthur Lea
Eddie Dennis
Eddie Hillery
Chat Schweitzer
Andrew Wells
Danny Botkin
Stephen & Cameron Wynne
Alex Abdalla
Mike Wolterbeek
Brannon Braga

Additional Footage
Columbia Pictures
DJ Riggsmeister – To The Future
Grenex Media
Marc Wanamaker
National Broadcasting Company
Outatime: Saving the Delorean Time Machine
Paramount Television
Press Republican
Telltale Games
To Be Continued, LLC
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Universal Studios
University of Southern California

Special Thanks
The Aron Family
The Sternberger Family
The Krubich Family
The Cohen Family
The Leshen Family
Rebecca Aron
Benny, Jakey And Jj Aron
Jessica Krubich
Lisa Mccaffrey
Ryan Arsenault
James Babcock
Andy Bandit
Clara Beauchamp
Nadav Bengal
Brian Berkowitz
David Bifano
Tim Bishop
Krista Boling
Nina Bombardier
Amanda Brandt
Ben Braun
Dan Braun
Josh Braun
Karia Brown
Matthew Burke
Julie Candelaria
Michael Caruso
Cherie Chalouhi
Vicki Cherkas
Brett Culp #Wearebatman
Cara Cusumano
Dean Cundey
Annette Davis
Delorean International Las Vegas
Diamond Select Toys
Peter Downing
Zoë Elton
Kathy England
Adam Farina
Aj Feuerman
James Findlay
Brendan Gallagher
Nolan Gallagher
The Gamble House
Judy Glassman
Adam F. Goldberg
The Gottesman-Bronson Family
Dan Guando
John Hadity
Brian Hawk
Mary Hulett
Eddie Ibrahim
Brian Jacks
Greg Johnson
Laura Jones
Kenneth Kapalowski
Zahida Kazar
Sarah Koniniec
Marvin Levy
Steve Levy
Roni Lubliner
Germain Lussier
David Lyons & The Lyons Family
Rakoon Martin
Karen Mayugba
Dave Mcnary
Ryan Miller
Kelsey Newman
Sam Nouri
Zach Oat
Karen Pasqua
Melissa Perez
Monique Perez
Samantha Reed
Darrelle Revis
Matthew Richmond
Amy Rowe
Joan Schmid
The Entire Shea Extended Family
Aleksandra Sobic
Tammy Soto
Amy Speidel
Kristin Stark
Mike Stoltz
Ari Teman
Mario Teruel
Alice Thill
Parmelee Tolkan
Nina Tringali
Amy Wagner
Matt Wasowski
La Chanda Webb
Aaron Weiss
Dan Zastrow

A very special thanks to Bob Gale without whom this film wouldn’t be possible.

We thank the Kickstarter community who supported this film:
Adam M. Lamartine
Adam W. Kielbasa
Adeel Quadri
Adrian Blyth
Adrian Finol
AJ Quick
Alejandro Forca Navarro
Alexander Falk
Alhasan Aldabbagh (from Saudi Arabia)
Amanda linn
Ana, Alina, Camila, Rania, Milo, and Craig Leshen
Andrew Wells
Anthony Carry
Anthony F Dutkiewicz Jr
Antonio Bracco
Arel Golombeck
Ari Linn S.O.C.
Arthur Lea
Ben Goretsky
Bon & Volkie
Brandon S Higa
Brett Brown
Brett D Kennelly
Bruno “BDS” Sztern
Cade Hornak
Carl J. Ellsworth
Chand Svare Ghei
Chris Hanline
Chris Rochford
Chris Whitehead
Christopher J. Dennis
Chuck Hensey
Craig Beech
Craig Resta
CTA Giorella
Damian Casaca of Argentina
Dan Rosenberg
Daniel “Boon” Diaz
Daniel Findlay
Danny Sollinger
David Golding
David Muetzel
David Nakano
Davis Hornak
Derek o Leary
Dion Perez
Dom Baldwin
Doug Blaim Jr
Duncan O’Halloran
Eduardo Monzillo
EJ Scott
Eoghan Duffy
Erik Beck
Felix von Vogelsang
Florian Wollenschein
Frank “Scali” Scaglioso
Gabriel Betancourt
Geoff Paulin
George Durando
Glenn Fitzpatrick
Griffin Donohue
Hasslein Books
Heather Parra
Helen Stratford
Iain Reid
J.J. Geiger
Jacob Harris Wall
James M Rodola
Jared Bickford
Jeffery Loftus & Aireen Arellano
Jeffrey Rodman
Jennifer T. Grabenstetter
Jerry Holbrook
Jimmie Maggard Jr
Joel Bernstein
Joey Chalom
John Killoran
John Luke Osteen
John O’Sullivan (Sydney, Australia)
Jonathan Lanier
Jörg Weese
Jorge Mendonca
Joseph D. Smith
Joseph Gabriel Alex james basrawy
Josh Bernhard
Josh Langman
Junichi Kobayashi
Justin David Gillenwater
Kenneth Uzquiano
Kevin Cupp
Kevin Mayle
Kyle Chadwick
Kyra Nicole Rogers
Laurant Alexandre
Lorena Barros
Lorenzo Luna
Luis E. Lopez
Mahmood Batasi
Manson L. Cheung
Marc Schmid aka El Dopio
Marc-André Vincent
Marcel Wagner
Marcus V E Assis from Brazil
Mario Bremert
Mark Norman Francis
Mark R Chambers
Mark Sakamoto
Martin Lee White
Masao Nakama
Mat Bedogni (NZ)
Matt Alcock
Matthew D Bradshaw
Matthew Shalk
Melody Raymond
Meral Ali
Michael Paschetag
Michael Purchine
Michel Lemieux
Mike Chesley Electrical
Mike Damico
Mike Redman
Mischa Peters
Monique ” Marty’s girl ” Hampton
Nathan Erisman
Neil Boyle
Neil Wilson
Nicholas Ladalia
Norman Tyler
Patrick Brogan
Paul Brigaerts
Paul Tweedhope
Pirnazar Family
R.M. Hirsch
Ralph Quattrucci
Raphael Bejarano
Richard C. Fucarile II
Rob Gordon
Rob Keil
Robert Juman
Ross Howieson
Roxanna M. Kazemi
Ryan Arsenault
Ryan Griggs
Ryo Kanai
Saxbourne Cheung
Scott Card
Scott Hurff
Scott Michael Abold
Scott the Mighty Chladek
Sebastian Strathmann
Shane Kelly
Shannon T. Nutt
Shaun, Melissa, Katlin, & Sage Bollenbach
Shinya Tsuji
Simon Oré
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Stas Furman
Steve & Meg Raminiak
Steve Flores
Sylvain Signore
Talia & Benjamin Rubin
Tamaho Kitamura
Tatsuya Oguchi
Teresa Couch-Beech
Tezuka Takeshi
the Beekeeper & the Lighthouse keeper
The Jerry Meyer Studio
The Krencik Family – Scott, Laura, Derek, Brooke
Tom Meyer-Klipsch
Tony Grate
Tyler L. Watson
Victor Duarte
Videobob Moseley
Wai Keung Law
William Joseph Wall II
Xeon Xai

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