Jason Aron on MSNBC live with Thomas Roberts

Posted on October 23, 2015 in News

On Future day, 10/21/2015, director Jason Aron spoke with Thomas Roberts about Back to the Future and Back in Time film!

One comment on “Jason Aron on MSNBC live with Thomas Roberts
  1. Jason says:

    After watching just the last 15 minutes of Thomas Roberts ishow, now I know why I don’t watch Obama living democrat scum!!
    Can’t interview a real American, this lady who is clearly one sided talks straight up to a lady who should have no buisness being on that show!!
    MSNBC, I’d like to see what your real opinions would be if isis came to your home on thanksgiving since your more worried about a trump comment, which was a fact!!
    Keep defending Obama, who’s been in office 7 years, and hasn’t accomplished and thing meaningful, Obama Care plan, and voters who voted him in after a 4 years of a wash out, only voted for him for 2 reasons, and we all know why, and it’s a shame democrats won’t even study, and do there homework on candidates!!
    Instead, oh gosh let’s vote for him, cause he’s different, plays golf, basketball, has a plan for the pour, and he wants change!!!
    Well we are in more debt, you got your Obama care, and you got your change!!
    We are in more debt then ever, We have have a president who’s a joke, and lies more then ever!! Iran funds Isis, so when Obama buy oil from them, he’s basically funding isis, but y’all are probably still saying lord thank you, we still have our Obama care!!
    Hilary will be even worse as president!!

    Let’s by all means pray to God that isis never makes it on U.S. soil, and even worse will never attack on American soil!!
    But if they did, I wonder how many of you people who keeps voting, and supporting Obama would wake up, and realize this president has the United States, as vulnerable, and unsafe then we have ever been!!!
    What good has he done!!
    Trust me, I’m open minded, and I like to do research on the candidate I vote for!!
    I’d really just love to know how many Obama voters, even lifted a finger to do some homework on him, and tv doesn’t count!!
    I’d say less then 25%
    You people are sick, and should not even be allowed to vote!!

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